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swimwear for women. For other uses, see Bikini:

Bikinis or two-piece swimsuit for women in two parts, breasts and groin area and the other is made of, all or part of the open space between the buttocks, as if. It is often when swimming or sunbathing in the summer is worm. Too often a bikini water skiing, scuba diving worn as lingerie made of neoprene, surfing, wakeboarding. Size bikini underwear look like two parts, and revealing thong or g-string panties down and modest square shorts vary. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition) describes how a bikini, bikini shortage of people "and" low-cut briefs with the man or woman "bathing suit just two parts of a woman."

Although two-piece bathing suits are worn on the beach front, in 1946 by French engineer Louis Rearden modern bikini was invented. The Pacific nuclear weapons tests in the Bikini Atoll in July this year called the cross was after.

Perhaps the most popular women's bikini swimwear worldwide, because of the French fashion historian Olivier Voyager, "according to the power of women, but not the power of fashion." As he explains: "swimwear with women's liberation always has been associated with addiction." Mid 2000, the U.S. per year for the bikini $ 811000000 NPD Group, consumer and retail information company, according to the by [1]. [2] bikini bikini waxing and leather industry [3] to improve services such separation.
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