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Mini Bra:
According to Carla Maki, visit the La Promenade Shoppes Thursday should be very inspiring experience. It is very appropriate to request the Director of Operations and the development of sales of a full glass, full-service European-style lingerie and bra fitting salon.

"We are all in the service of women and education on how your bra should fit and how to take around your breasts," she said.

Last year, Maki attended an event called "Bra-ha-ha", held at the MacArthur Mall in Norfolk and organized by the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. She plans mini version La Promenade on Thursday.

"I was just gone. Blown This is a great way to look at breast cancer through different lenses," she said.

Maki explains how the courts and the shopping center "Center Gallery with about 150 one-of-a-kind bras each filled a mannequin. Some are funny, some touching, fought for some fun. Individuals, companies and organizations for the establishment rewards individually decorated bras and the payment of a fee of $ 25

The event contributes to mammograms for women in need and raise awareness of breast cancer awareness, said medical center spokeswoman Joanne Stanus. It started in 2008 in conjunction with other activities in the hospital, she said.

"We were overwhelmed," said Stanus. "The answer we have is so great."

Soon your own life, said Stanus and expanded into a place of artistic bras can be found for two weeks

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